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A prairie girl turned Vancouverite. These are the most random and awesome things found on the internet of anything that catches my fancy.

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TVXQ - Catch Me (Dance Cover)

Wowwwwwww it’s like a nearly identical but creative & abstract re-interpretation of…um, yeah no.


Rah Rah - Prairie Girl

"I am a prairie girl straight to the bone." :)

Kaskade ft. Haley - Llove (Dada Life Radio Edit)

A fantastic remix by the talented Dada Life! I’m definitely keeping an eye on this guy.

TVXQ - Catch Me (Music Video)

Bonobo - Kiara

So apparently this song is featured on the video game soundtrack of Sleeping Dogs! I’m gonna pull a hipster move and say that I DID know about this song before, but I totally forgot about it…until I got a new iPod and started going through what songs I wanted to transfer over from my computer.

It is still an amazingly ethereal track, & it looks like I’ll have to try this video game out. :)

EXO-K - Machine

One of my favourite male K-Pop groups, FOSHO.

I don’t care if loving Kai makes me a pedo, hahahaha! <3

Frank Ocean - Pyramids

All day. Errday.

(Source: vimeo.com)

Andy Moor feat. Nicole McKenna - Please Forgive Me

I adore Andy Moor. He makes such fabulous remixes, and he just released his debut album. I can’t believe he isn’t more well-known, seeing as he’s been around for over 10 years.

Kate Havnevik - Mouth 2 Mouth

Happy Friday, everyone!

JGL’s smile is to die for! <3

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt - What Are You Doing New Years Eve? (by hellogiggles)